Business transactions are a very important part of our company. When you want to buy or sell a business you want to assemble a team of experts that will help you achieve your goal. Which escrow company to use is an extremely important decision because you need an escrow company that is independent, knowledgeable, proactive, quick and accurate. One that has dealt with many problem situations before and has successfully brought them to conclusion. Escrow Matters Inc. is such a company. As part of out superb team we have people that speak the following languages or have access to people that speak: Spanish, Greek, Russian, and Persian.

You just need to try our service; you will never go back to what you are used to.

You will not find a better balance between speed, accuracy, fees, and friendliness. We are proactive, we return calls on time, we are available when it is convenient for the client not for the escrow officer. We resolve issues quickly and we wire funds quickly in to your bank account. You just need to try out our service; you will never go back to who you are using now.
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